The Port Renfrew area is home to some of Canada's largest trees and these eco tourism attractions are becoming a huge boost for this small former logging town, where the mighty Douglas fir was once its most important resource.
The latest giant tree discovery has been named Lonely Doug. (info to follow)
The increasingly popular Avatar Grove is a unique and spectacular monumental stand of old-growth western redcedars, Douglas firs and Sitka spruces. It is now fully protected from logging in an expanded old-growth management area. Canada's gnarliest tree, in the above picture, is a huge red cedar that has a 12 foot wide contorted burl on its side. The other picture was also taken in upper Avatar Grove. For further information visit ancientforestalliance.org
The Red Creek Douglas fir is the largest in the world! It measures 14 feet in diameter and is 242 feet tall. It is determined to be 750-1000 years old.
The San Juan Sitka spruce is the largest in Canada at 205 feet tall and is beautifully draped with mosses and ferns.
The Harris Creek Sitka spruce is another huge tree with a 13 foot diameter.
The above trees are all within close driving distance of Port Renfrew.
The western redcedar was used extensively by the First Nation Pacheedaht people for shelter, canoes, basketry and clothing.

Port Renfrew is the place for trees, even sitting on the deck at the cottage you are surrounded by their beauty.