Botanical Beach Provincial Park near Port Renfrew is a world renowned protected reserve of amazing tidal pools and fantastic geological features. The beach is best viewed at a low tide of 4 feet or less to fully experience the colourful and varied array of marine life in the myriad of tidal pools. The sheer abundance and variety of tidal plant and animal life inspired the University of Minnesota to locate their marine research station here from 1900-1907. A steamship brought researchers and students from Victoria to Port Renfrew and then it was a long hike to the station! Now the trail is a paved road to a car park and then an easy 1 km trail takes you to the beach. A longer loop trail to the beach goes via Botany Bay and the Juan de Fuca trailhead is also located at Botanical Beach. The beach has been nominated as one of the Great Places in Canada 2012 in the public spaces category. A word of caution, the power of the waves should never be under estimated. Large rogue waves can easily sweep unsuspecting beachcombers out to sea, never allow children near the surf.